Cathedral of the Horse

Meditation with Horses

Come spend time with our herd, and experience peace, tranquility, and healing

Two Sundays per Month (subject to change)
Price: $30
(snacks & refreshments provided)

Hosted by Unbridled Life Coaching

Do you want to have more quiet time in nature to relieve stress and to cultivate peace within? Do you desire to have a unique experience where you get to commune with nature, horses, and yourself?

Cathedral of the Horse offers exactly that. At our 91-acre farm, you’ll be in a perfect environment to quietly sit in meditation surrounded by our intuitive horses. As you sit quietly, horses may come to you and gently put its head on your shoulder or interact with you in some other gentle way.

According to recent studies, interacting with horses may contribute to a reduction in blood pressure and improvements in heart rate variability and nervous system regulation. This unique experience offers you the benefits of nature, meditation, and the healing effects of horses, all at once.

So join us every other Sunday to get quiet, unwind, and be in the healing presence of our horses in the Cathedral of the Horse.


Below is a footage of some of the horses you’ll be meditating with at Cathedral of the Horse.

– Details –

Upcoming Dates:


Time: 9:30am-11am

Price: $3o (Proceeds will be used to support the horses)

Location: Tri-Brook Equestrian Center, 283 Long Swamp Road, Plumsted, NJ 08533


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