Life Coaching in Partnerhsip with Horses

What is Life Coaching in Partnership with Horses?

Also known as Equus Coaching, you will embark on a journey of self-knowledge and transformation by working with a horse and a trained Equus Coach.

As herd-bound prey animals,  horses are highly attuned to the environment within and around them – in fact, their very survival depends on the ability to sense shifts in energetic patterns and quickly respond to threats.  This sensory awareness is why horses are Master Teachers for humans.

Working with an intuitive horse and a supportive coach, you’ll explore the areas in your life that prevent you from living the life you want, and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from being truly happy.

“Through the help and guidance from Pam and her horses, they have helped me unearth hidden truths about myself and my life that have helped me change the way I approach relationships and opportunities.” 

– Amanda Perez

Read what Oprah Magazine has to say in this featured article about Equus Coaching and its founder Koelle Simpson.

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